Getting Urgent Care in Santa Ana During The Cinco De Mayo Festival

The City of Santa Ana will be celebrating the 17th Annual Cinco de Mayo Festival at Downtown Santa Ana – 4th street (Calle Cuatro) with a free, family-friendly event that honors the Mexican army’s almost miraculous victory against overwhelming odds at the Battle of Puebla during 1862. The festival will emphasize Mexican cuisine, culture, and music and will feature all sorts of festivities on the streets.

As fun as it is, attendees will have to watch out for a few risks that are always present when people are spending time outside, playing games, dancing, mingling, and socializing for long periods of time, particularly during May when the climate tends to be hot. Fortunately, Santa Ana urgent care facilities are nearby that can help people with the following ailments.

Cinco De Mayo


When skin is exposed too much to the ultraviolet light from sunshine or other artificial sources, it becomes red and starts to feel painful and hot to the touch. This leads to swelling and itching, until the skin develops small fluid filled blisters that can break.

Severe cases of sunburn will even result in headache, fever, and chills. Treatment for sunburn usually involves taking anti-inflammatory medicine, rehydration, and the application of topical creams that will soothe and help heal the skin. An urgent care facility will be able to help with all of these.


Being out in the heat of the sun, coupled with rigorous physical activity, can result in rapid and continued fluid losses, which further lead to dry mouth, swollen tongue, weakness, dizzy spells, palpitations, confusion, and vomiting. An urgent care facility can help dehydrated individuals through electrolyte-rich solutions, which work better than pure water when it comes to rehydration.

To get the most out of the Cinco De Mayo Festival, it is best to drop by facilities specializing in urgent care in Santa Ana, like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, if your notice signs of dehydration or sunburn.

Note that both of these heat related ailments could lead to more serious problems, like heat stroke, if ignored or left untreated. Taking the necessary precautions against these conditions will ensure that you and your family will have a memorable time enjoying the festivities.

Dehydration in Adults,