Your Local Urgent Care Center Gives Tips on Properly Raking Leaves

Raking leaves may be an easy and simple chore to conduct, but without the correct form, you could still end up in agonizing pain. After all, raking requires you to be standing, reaching and pulling.

To effectively do this, you will be twisting, bending, and stretching your upper body. All these repetitive actions can eventually result in muscle soreness, and wear and tear. Normally, you’ll only need some rest, pain relief ointment, or possibly hot or cold compress to ease the pain.

In some cases, however, you may need to go to an urgent care center in Santa Ana. The pain could be caused by anything from pinched or strained muscles, to damaged joints or ligaments, or irritated nerves. It would be easy to assume back pain as typical, but it would be dangerous to do so.

Rake Leaves

Preventing Pain

The best way to avoid back pain when carrying out chores like raking leaves is to make sure that you’re doing it properly. Keep your balance by spreading your legs hip-width apart. This should also prevent putting pressure on your lower back.

To have better control of the rake, hold the handle with both hands at about an arm’s length distance from each other. This should also help cushion the impact of the repetitive movements of pushing forward and pulling your arms back.

Most importantly, be careful when shifting positions. Instead of twisting your spine, turn with your whole body as if you were turning a chair. This way, you can work better and more efficiently because you retain the proper posture. Aside from protecting your spine and lower back, you’re also protecting your neck and shoulders.

Urgent Care Needs

Sometimes, however, you may feel as if you pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve. In case you feel like it’s not your normal kind of back pain, or if it becomes too painful, it is advised that you seek professional medical help from a Santa Ana urgent care center such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group.

Don’t attempt to “fix” your back by yourself, as it could only lead to further injuries. By getting professional help you can have the proper diagnosis and the appropriate treatment for your case. Don’t take a chance. Get your back checked by a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

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