Urgent Care Tips and Remedies for Some Common Thanksgiving Injuries

Thanksgiving is once again just around the corner, and with it comes the need for many preparations. Those hosting the dinner will have to manage multiple tasks all at the same time. There is food to prepare, table settings to lay out, and guests to entertain.

Amidst this flurry of activities, the occasion becomes ripe for injuries and accidents. Your local urgent care center in Santa Ana offers some reminders of these possible incidents and how you can best address them.


Kitchen Injuries

What’s Thanksgiving without a delectable dinner? Before your guests can dig in and enjoy your holiday spread, it entails a lot of grueling preparations in the kitchen. This is why if you are on kitchen duty, you need to be mindful of hot surfaces and sharp objects.

Also, make sure to thaw the meat completely before cooking it in hot oil. Oil splatters can cause burns and even fire. If you get burned, place the affected area under cool, running water then cover it with a dry, clean gauze to prevent infection. If you get cut, wash the wound area, apply antibacterial medication, and cover it with a Band-Aid.

Backyard Falls

Not everyone is athletic, so there is a very real possibility that someone will hurt their back or sprain an ankle during the annual family football game in the backyard. An ice pack should help relieve the inflammation of the muscles around the sprained area. A crutch may also be required so that the body weight won’t have to bear down on the injured ankle. Keeping it wrapped with a bandage for 24 to 36 hours should also help decrease the swelling of the foot and ankle.


While indigestion is not an injury, it’s still a serious concern. Stuffing yourself during Thanksgiving can certainly cause this to happen. Remember to eat only what you can. Chew your food properly and pace yourself. Also, keep a close watch on your alcohol consumption. Aside from indigestion, heartburn is also a common occurrence.

After a heavy meal, take the time to rest and let your stomach do its job. If you insist on running or doing any type of high-intensity activity, you put yourself at risk of stomach cramps.

Although there are home remedies for these injuries, it’s still advisable that you go to a walk in clinic in Santa Ana, such as U.S. HealthWorks, to make sure that all is well. You may need more than just the usual first aid, and it is always the safest to check with a medical professional.


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