Getting Urgent Care in Santa Ana During The Cinco De Mayo Festival

The City of Santa Ana will be celebrating the 17th Annual Cinco de Mayo Festival at Downtown Santa Ana – 4th street (Calle Cuatro) with a free, family-friendly event that honors the Mexican army’s almost miraculous victory against overwhelming odds at the Battle of Puebla during 1862. The festival will emphasize Mexican cuisine, culture, and music and will feature all sorts of festivities on the streets.

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Farm-Fresh—5 Life Benefits of Farmers Markets Urgent Care Centers Cite

Locally produced fruits and vegetables in season are generally healthier because they are allowed to ripen in the field and they are brought directly from the farm to the market. They do not sit for weeks in storage or shipped from somewhere far, and their ripening process is natural.

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Get Started on Proper Preparation for Your 5K at Urgent Care Centers

If you’re planning on participating in the Rancho Track Fun Run/Walk 2016, it is important to note that this event requires some serious prep work. Whether you plan to run or take a more leisurely pace, this 5k is not to be taken lightly. Proper practice and preparation are both crucial to making it to the end, so be sure to take these steps when getting ready for the event. Continue reading