Local Urgent Care Providers Suggest Foresight when Holiday Decorating

There are plenty of ways to dress up your home for the holidays. But, the most obvious way is to bedizen its trim in bright, decorative lights. A lot of work goes into hanging up holiday lights and, thereby, a lot of risk as well. A local urgent care service in Santa Ana is quick to point out that safety is part of the process and necessary for enjoying the rest of the holidays in good health.

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Urgent Care Tips and Remedies for Some Common Thanksgiving Injuries

Thanksgiving is once again just around the corner, and with it comes the need for many preparations. Those hosting the dinner will have to manage multiple tasks all at the same time. There is food to prepare, table settings to lay out, and guests to entertain.

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Urgent Care Centers in Santa Ana offer Tips for Identifying Insect and Bug Bites

Excited as you may be about your upcoming summer camping trips at outdoor parks, such as Crystal Cove State Park, you have to remember to prepare for unwanted guests like bugs and insects.

Because their bites can trigger allergic reactions, or wounds that lead to infection, it’s important that you know how to respond swiftly to a bite, especially because you are not immediately near your local urgent care center in Santa Ana. The first thing you should do is determine what kind of bug bite it is in order to better address it by applying the correct treatment for relief. Continue reading

Santa Ana Urgent Care Shares Tips to Avoid Swimmer’s Ear

Summer’s heating up, and the Santa Ana Family YMCA Sports and Aquatics Center is sure to be a hit with locals looking to cool down. An abundance of water fun can be had at the YMCA, from swimming lessons to water polo, and even Lifeguard Training. However, Santa Ana urgent care warns swimmers of all ages to take precautions to avoid swimmer’s ear, a painful condition that can worsen if not addressed quickly. Understanding this condition, and how to prevent and care for it, will help you stay healthy and safe every time you go for a swim at the YMCA. Continue reading